kim-workoutSugar & Carb Cheater™

Sugar-&-carb-cheaterQuickTrim® Sugar & Carb Cheater™ is a revolutionary weight management supplement that allows you to occasionally indulge in sugary or starchy foods that would otherwise be concidered “off-limits” for most dieters.

Sugars and starches cause spikes in blood sugar, which can promote your body to store more fat. Sugar & Carb Cheater’s key ingredients are shown to help inhibit the absorption of fructose, plus reduce the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars.†

It can help counteract the occasional snaking of sweets, curb carbohydrate cravings and help promote healthy blood sugar levels. Sugar & Carb Cheater™ allows you to enjoy food, without the guilt, when trying to maintain a healthy diet.†

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