burne and cleanseCourtney-dark-dressBurn & Cleanse™

A complete all day, all night weight loss system. Burn & Cleanse is designed to transform your body for that “Big Event” or to “Jumpstart” your weight loss program and get you on your way to a brand new you.

Here’s what you get in each 14 day kit:

  • Iso-Burn™ AM – A thermogenic fat burner that is taken twice per day.
    Iso-BurnTM will increase metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn each day. It also helps prevent fat torage and helps increase energy and alertness. Directions: take 2 tablets with an 8 oz glass of water before exercise or between breakfast and lunch and 2 tablets with and 8 oz glass of water between lunch and dinner.
  • Iso-Cleanse™ PM – A nighttime cleansing product that is taken shortly before bedtime. Iso-CleanseTM helps to clean and detoxify your system to remove excess bulk and toxins that are a result of the normal digestion process; resulting in better health, energy levels and a feeling of rejuvenation. Directions: take 4 tablets shortly before bedtime.
  • Iso-Flush™ – A diuretic formula that is designed to help remove excess water from under the skin giving you that tight, toned, “Model Look”.
    Iso-FlushTM is taken during the last five days of the system upon rising.
    Directions: take 2 tablets upon rising for the last 5 days of the QuickTrim® system.

Burn & Cleanse comes with a 24 page manual that gives you a full exercise outline and suggested meal plan. The manual also gives you a full list of food choices and food preparation guidelines.

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